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We have special packages for athletes and veterans.

Popular packages

Uncommon Kids Program

For young athletes ages 8-12, looking to begin their strength training journey.
We will meet Mondays and Fridays from 5:30-6:20 PM. We will have fun while giving the kids an opportunity to learn how to be stronger, faster, and more athletic.

$99 for one month.

Athlete Program

Elementary to college (contact us if you are a professional athlete, we likely will need to speak to your team)
Please contact us for supervised hours.
We understand that there are families that can’t find this kind of expense in the budget. Please do not let that stop your child from achieving his or her goals. Contact us at the link above and let’s talk about our scholarship program.

$175 for one month.


$315 for two months. 10% OFF!


$350 for three months. ALMOST 29% OFF!


Open Gym Membership

(18+, safety screening required, contact us for details)
(Unlimited access, BYOP – bring your own program)


Coaching Membership

(Unlimited access, coaching during set hours, programming and coaching provided)

This is specifically for adult competitive athletes: triathletes, obstacle course runners, powerlifters, functional fitness competitors, strong(wo)men, bodybuilders, etc.


Personal Training


Our friendly, experienced, and highly qualified personal trainers will meet with you to design a path to help you reach your fitness goals as quickly – and safely – as possible.



33% off coaching for $100 plus full price open gym for a total of $175!
At One2One, we value the sacrifices our service men and women have made. We also know firsthand the power of lifting to bring veterans struggling to adjust to civilian life back to “center”.

In addition to this, we also have partnered with Mission22 to provide 2 or more months of full coaching to certain veterans, absolutely free. If you are a veteran of a foreign war, or a veteran who was injured in training and therefore non-deployable, let us know.