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About Us

Brian Silfies (CSCS; USAW; Westside Certified)       Brian Silfies is a professional coach to local, national and international athletes.  He has been working in Concord for over 20 years and has enjoyed his work with athletes and the general population in Concord, NH.  One2One Brian’s Fitness offers the best in New England for scientific, prescriptive [...]

The Gym

At One 2 One Brian’s Fitness our Adult members are constantly in training for a wide array of exciting events from  Powerlifting, strongman, marathons, and just everyday health.  At any given time throughout the year you will find your fellow training partners training hard for some exciting events. Whether you are interested in training for one of [...]


Here are just some of the events that our Personal Training Clients, Powerlifters, and our Bootcamp attendees have trained for: Toughmudder - 12 mile obstacle course race up a mountain Maddog Mudder - the toughest 5k you will ever do learn more about the Maddog Mudder VT 50 ride and run - 50 Mile ride and run through single [...]

Contact Us

I am here to help you reach your fitness goals so use one of the contact methods below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.. Address: 2 Pillsbury St. Suite 100B Concord, NH, United States 03301 Phone: 603-738-5589 E-mail: